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Civil Litigation
We represent clients in every imaginable kind of dispute, whether it involves allegations of civil or criminal liability, whether it concerns business issues, personal injuries, claimed violation of statutes, or professional malpractice, or whether it is to be resolved in a trial court, on appeal, or through arbitration, mediation, or some other form of alternative dispute resolution.

We represent clients in litigating all manner of business disputes - whether the dispute threatens the very existence of a company, clarifies an ongoing business relationship, or presents an important point of principle, even though the amount of money at issue is small. We have litigated claims of breach of a contract, lease, or other written instrument, the break-up of a partnership or joint venture, and all other types of commercial controversies.

Our lawyers are skilled at identifying and arguing threshold legal issues that may avoid protracted litigation, at efficiently and effectively managing discovery, even in cases involving production of millions of pages of documents or enormous amounts of electronic data, and at understanding and persuasively presenting, to courts and juries, issues that are legally and factually complex. Equally important, we are sensitive to the need to minimize the business disruption that may result from litigation of business disputes and to seek results that are consistent with our clients' larger corporate strategies and goals.
We have experience in representing clients in arbitrations, mediations, and all forms of alternative dispute resolution, and are proficient in using those mechanisms to achieve positive results for our clients.

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Personal Injury
Our lawyers are experienced, tenacious, and skilled at investigating the cause of the injury or death, identifying potentially liable parties, retaining any necessary experts, developing damages models and evidence that properly account for all economic and emotional losses, and persuasively presenting our clients' position at trial. We litigate claims of unsafe conditions on their premises, failure to exercise reasonable care and other claims of general negligence. The premises liability actions have involved injuries not only from the condition of the property itself but also from dangerous or nearby criminal activity. We have represent clients in a countless number of automobile cases ranging in complexity from minor impact cases with clear-cut fault to cases involving death or severe disfigurement and complicated liability issues.

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Workers Compensation
The workers' compensation system was designed for on-the-job physical injuries, but has expanded over the years to include psyche, chemical exposure, allergies, and other. We will push to expand the definition of what is work related and to maximize the benefits you can obtain and through the workers' compensation system. Workers' compensation law is an increasingly complex and specialized area of practice and we have extensive experience in handling all aspects of workers' compensation claims. Our attorneys are familiar with SB 899 and the AMA Guides and keep current with the case law related to it. Our experience, knowledge, and dedication creates results.

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We have helped clients negotiate severance packages, negotiate settlements and litigate claims. We have fought for our clients in federal and state courts and in federal and state administrative enforcement proceedings across the country due to all kinds of labor and employment claims, for California and Federal Statutes like ADA, CFRA, FEHA, Wage and Hour, Discrimination, Wrongful Termination and other claims

  • State and federal claims of discrimination involving Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  • The California Labor Code
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Retaliatory discharge
  • Federal and state claims of wage and hour violations, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/ CFRA
  • Various employment-related tort actions
  • Contract disputes
  • Non-competition covenants
  • ERISA and employee benefits

In these engagements, our lawyers use thorough research, creative thinking, and careful factual development to maximize the prospects for successful results. We also have a strong track record of successfully resolving lawsuits through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods. We have the experience to pursue your employment lawsuit viewed from the standpoint of your fundamental interest.

Administrative Hearings: Pre-Lawsuit Investigation. Representing our clients also includes dealing with the various regulatory agencies and administrative law hearings. Our attorneys have appeared before the United States Department of Labor, the California Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the Employment Development Department, and other tribunals.

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We represent debtors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 cases, effectively reorganizing or in some cases liquidating them. Our clients include individuals and public and privately-held companies, both domestically and internationally, who value our strategic advice and experience. From large-scale, complex restructurings to smaller closely held companies, we provide reliable high-quality innovative services. No matter the situation, our job is to maximize value for our clients and provide long-term business solutions. We seek ways to minimize delays and costs, and explore opportunities for resolution and continued business viability through alternative and mutually acceptable remedies. We collaborate with our clients to develop a scope and definition of the work we do, which results in complete transparency and cost predictability.

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We can collect your delinquent funds using our in-depth understanding of the debt collection and judgment enforcement processes. Our personal collections experience and familiarity with the process of debt collections enable us to collect the monies that are owed to you. We use the personnel resources, the latest technology and the proven effective methods to collect what you are owed. These are the keys to the fast and effective collection of your debt. Do not wait any longer. As your debt ages, the likelihood of collections decreases dramatically.

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